Student Government

Student Government is an organization that allows students to have a voice in the school. Students work with their peers, teachers, and administration to promote school spirit and plan events for students. Student Government is offered to students in 4 through 8 grade.

- Runs the class/ SGA meetings
- Serves as the association’s representative to Ms. Chapman and Mrs. Abraham; meets with them to discuss new ideas
- Represents Green Charter of the Midlands at school events

- In case the president cannot perform his/her duties, he/she will take over as president
- Helps manage the meeting and create the meeting agendas
- Reads minutes of last meeting

Secretary (SGA Officer only, 6-8 can run for this position)
- Takes minutes at each class/SGA meeting
- Takes attendance at each meeting, SGA class events and activities

Treasurer (SGA Officer only, 6-8 can run for this position)
- Comes up with ideas on how to raise money (fundraising)
- After each fundraiser, he/she will announce how much money was made and give an updated report of the balance

Historian (SGA Officer only, 6-8 can run for this position)
- Takes photographs at SGA events
- Class photo album

Sergeant of Arms (SGA School Officer only, 6-8 can run for this position)
- Responsible for keeping order during meetings
- Responsible for set up of meetings
- Will lead officers in the SGA pledge before each meeting

Class President
- Represent the voice for their class
- Speak at events for their class

Class Vice-President
- Assist class president
- Perform the duties of the President, if they are not able to be in attendance.

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