Student Recognition

Students are recognized on a regular basis and rewarded for accomplishments.

● A/B Honor Roll - students achieving an academic average of 80 or above in all subjects, including at least one A in a core subject. Calculations are carried out up to one decimal point, and standard rounding rules are applied. Certificates will be given to A/B honor roll students.
● Principal’s Honor Roll- students achieving an A in all courses will receive a certificate for the Principal’s Honor Roll.
● In school assemblies are used to award students on A/B honor roll
● Class/grade level celebrations are done for the lower grades that use a different grading system
● Principal’s Honor Roll students can look forward to an evening celebration with their families
● Students are frequently awarded in other ways both schoolwide and depending on the class, with things like bracelets when meeting a goal, ice cream parties, special breakfasts and more!

Pioneering Energy Education in South Carolina.

Greenville Renewable Energy Education (GREEN) Charter School
will be an engaging and innovative community that educates
students in traditional subjects while integrating enriched math
and science curricula.