After School Program

After schooler’s are divided into three groups

  • K & 1st grade
  • 2nd – 4th grade
  • 4th – 8th
    At arrival the after school teacher takes attendance and it’s snack time
    Next homework – time allotted for homework depends on the age group. Chrome books or Ipads are provided during homework time. Students in upper grades are asked to fill out their agenda’s daily and homework should be checked by the after school teachers. If a student doesn’t have homework for that day this time is used as quiet reading.
    After homework is completed it is free time until the student goes home. Some of these activities include:
    Playground – older kids can play in the field
    Drawing/ coloring
    Gym time – organized games; basketball; dance party; jump rope; volleyball; other indoor sports

Pioneering Energy Education in South Carolina.

Greenville Renewable Energy Education (GREEN) Charter School
will be an engaging and innovative community that educates
students in traditional subjects while integrating enriched math
and science curricula.