Uniform Policy


Students are expected to wear the GREEN uniform at all times and to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness, and safety. The Director or another duly authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress, grooming, and accessories is in violation of the spirit and/or the intent of the school’s dress code policy. Students and parents are expected to honor the uniform code in order that valuable school time not be spent examining student attire to determine appropriateness.

1) Uniforms must be worn properly at all times while at GREEN.
a) Students must be in complete uniform when they arrive at GREEN. Uniforms are expected to remain intact and appropriately worn throughout the entire day at school.
b) Students must remain in full uniform until after they leave GREEN.
c) PE uniforms must be worn during scheduled PE time (Grades 4-12). The PE uniform consists of the grey t-shirt and the navy blue shorts or sweatpants, all of which must have the official school logo on them. They are only available for purchase at our school. No other items may be worn for PE. Students must stay in their school uniform if they do not have the required PE clothing.

2) Shoes:
a) Shoes must be closed-toe dress shoes in brown or black OR athletic shoes in any color. No heel higher than 1 inch is permitted on any shoe. Students may not wear ANY shoe with a wheel on the bottom. Approved shoes must be worn at all times.
b) The emphasis regarding shoes is safety – for that reason, all shoelaces must be tied properly, all buckles fastened, all straps secured or velcroed – nothing may dangle or drag from the shoe (like shoe charms). Slippers, thin-soled shoes, flip-flops, closed-toed shoes with back straps, or open-toed shoes are not permitted. Crocs are not allowed.

3) Pants or Shorts:
a) Pants or shorts must be khaki. All pants and shorts must have belt loops, and a belt must be worn through all the loops and fastened appropriately. Unhemmed pants/shorts and cargo shorts/pants are not permitted Pant material may not be suede or corduroy – it must be 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend that is wrinkle resistant. Only bermuda shorts will be permissibleNO exceptions.
b) Students in grades 7-12 are allowed to wear jeans. No holes, ripped, frayed, torn, and/or patched jeans of any kind are permitted. Jeggings, or washed out colors are also not allowed.
c) Pants or shorts must be worn properly at the waist and not sag below the top of the hips. Pants or shorts may not be rolled up or folded up. Pants or shorts must not fit too snuggly. Students wearing the top of their pants or shorts below their buttocks will be given a Disciplinary Referral for improper exposure (see 2.25 under Class II Offenses).
d) Athletic shorts are not permitted.

4) Skirts/Skorts:
a) Grades 4-12 may NOT wear skirts or skorts as part of their school uniform. Their uniform bottoms must be either Bermuda-length shorts, Capri-length pants, or full-length pants ONLY.
b) Girls in grades K-3 may wear skirts and skorts. If a skirt is worn, they must wear either bike shorts or leggings underneath for purposes of propriety. Only navy, white, and black colors are allowed.
c) Grades K – 2 only: Girls can wear a khaki jumper as an additional option to pants, skirts/skorts, and shorts. You may purchase a shirt to wear under the jumper anywhere as it does not need a patch (only solid light blue, white or black color t-shirts are allowed under the jumper). Jumpers can have the school logo on them.

5) Top Options:
a) Polo knit shirts are blue with the school logo and come in a short or long sleeve style. These are available at the school and Land’s End ONLY. You may wear white, navy, or black long sleeve t-shirts under the short sleeve polo during colder months.
b) Students may purchase from our Land’s End school store several options to keep warm, including jackets and other pullovers.
c) Vests, sweaters, and jackets that are to be worn in the classrooms must be solid navy blue or those purchased from our school store at Land’s End. When wearing any of the above stated apparel, the student must still be wearing the GREEN logo blue polo underneath. The outerwear cannot be worn alone with a plain shirt underneath. Students who wear sweatshirts or sweaters with large images other than the school’s logo will be asked to place their garment in their lockers. Wearing outer garments that don’t follow the policy will result in the consequence detailed in the Student Code of Conduct.
d) During colder months, students may wear any heavy coat to school regardless of color. However, if it is not navy blue, they will need to leave it in their lockers or cubbies during the day.

6) Accessories:
a) Belts while not required must be leather, braided leather, or fabric in solid colors. Grommets, brads, or excessive ornamentation on the belt is not permitted. Belts are required to be worn properly with all pants or shorts – this means that the belt must go through all the belt loops on the pants, be properly fastened or buckled, and the “end” of the belt must not be allowed to hang down (it must also go through the loops if there is excess). The belt must also be tightened enough to prohibit the student’s pants or shorts from sagging below the hips.
b) Socks must be matching pairs and be white, navy blue or black only.
c) Grades K-2 only: Tights or leggings may be worn. Only navy, white, and black colors are allowed. Fishnet, leg warmers, or other patterned stockings or hose are not permitted.

7) Miscellaneous Guidelines:
a) Clothing should be neat and clean.
b) Clothing may not be worn inside out or backward.
c) Undergarments must not be exposed.
d) Hair, face or body paint and tattoos are inappropriate for school and not permitted.
e) Athletic outfits are not permitted in the school building, except in PE classes, sports practices and Dress Down Days.
f) Cosmetics and/or makeup should be age and school appropriate and not attract undue attention.
g) Clothing with rips, tears, holes or frayed edges is considered inappropriate for school.
h) Jewelry and accessories should be appropriate for school and not attract undue attention or pose a safety risk. Piercings other than earrings are prohibited. Earrings, for safety reasons, are not to exceed the size of a quarter. Gold/silver mouthpieces, or “Grillz,” are not permitted.
i) Extreme hairstyles are not permitted (examples: Mohawk cuts, designs, words, or names cut into the hair, hair coloring other than standard frosting or natural highlighting) and should not attract undue attention.
j) Hats, caps, curlers, headscarves, bandanas, doo-rags, pics, combs, sweatbands, chains, sunglasses, tennis skirts, gloves, arm warmers and coats are not to be worn during school hours.
k) Exemptions may be granted for religious purposes if approved in advance.

l) Clothing that is revealing, such as short mini-skirts, short-shorts, tank tops, loosely fitting, low-cut blouses or halter tops, mesh shirts, or shirts exposing the midriff are not to be worn to school. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Shirts must be worn buttoned up to second from the top.
m) All t-shirts must be in good taste (no suggestive wording or illustrations or advertisements for items which are illegal for middle school students - i.e., alcohol and tobacco products, etc.). Administration-approved school spirit t-shirts may be worn in lieu of school uniform t-shirt.
n) The same school policies apply to dress down days. Ripped, frayed, and patched jeans are not permitted. Leggings are also not permitted unless they are worn under a dress or long tunic.